Monday, February 6, 2012

this song is a good fit for this blog

I have heard this song on the radio many times.  One day one of the lyrics caught my attention.  The next time I heard the song start to play on the radio I paid closer attention to all of the lyrics.  If you listen you too will hear Matthew West sing "rockbottom".   But unlike me - please listen to all of the lyrics the first time.  Well I guess you can click replay all you want - hello Kipp it's 2012.

This video is on You Tube under Matthew West Strong Enough.


Westsox said...

Great Song! I have lived it myself.

Kipp said...

Westsox - our hope is on the solid rock.

Donna Perugini said...

Glad I watched it all the way through. They had me interested in the video characters and wanted to see how it ended. Yes, been there too and He is our rock, our strong foundation.

Appreciate your putting it up as a posting.

Kipp said...

Donna - they say there is a light at the end of tunnel...some think its a train, but I know otherwise. :)