Thursday, February 9, 2012

new camera II

OK two weeks after delivering my new camera sans a few items, from the camera company that shall not be named because they deserve no publicity whatsoever, they finally delivered my ZOOM lens.  I finally have everything I PAID for from them.  There is something very disheartening when you have paid for something and do not receive all of what you paid for.  The waiting, the unknown, the waiting, when will it be here...

The things I can compare it too:  
buying a sofa with no cushions
buying a piano with no keys
buying a new car with no wheels
buying a TV but having no power
buying an iphone but having no service
buying a violin but not having a bow
buying an XBOX 360 with no controllers wait...Kinect
buying a king size bed but only having a queen size mattress
buying a set of golf clubs with no grips
buying a Ferrari but living on Catalina Island

I did not like it.  Still do not like it. 

I love the camera.  The pictures it is producing are so much fun.  But I had seen a hundred things I wanted to take a close up picture of that are gone forever.  

When the ZOOM lens arrived - it was dark outside.  No chance to take any action photos of the girls running around chasing the neighbors dog.  No option to take a picture of a pelican - thats right a pelican - that had some how lost it's way and ended up in our neighborhood a few days ago.  Nope can't prove it - because I had no ZOOM lens.  No option for trying to take a picture of the amazing sunset sky after work today.  Not a happy camper.

But I have it now.  

I tested it outside in the dark.  Nothing to brag about because it was cloudy.  Cloudy means no chance at the full moon picture tonight to see what the man on the moon is doing or if the cow made it over.   

I brought it back in the house.  The pictures of the girls are fabulous.  There are some really cool features where the camera can be set to only capture certain colors.  Everything around Kipp Jr. is black and white except the orange color on her tie-died T-shirt...OK that is cool.  There is another setting for contrast and monochrome.  Squirt was singing on her mini karaoke microphone...she looks like a soon to be American Idol.  Who knew black and white pictures could be so brilliant...sweet.

I am better now that have all the items I ordered.  

The camera company, that shall not be named because they deserve no publicity whatsoever, has now been forgiven for their delay.  They lied to me...twice.  I will not order from them again, but they have been forgiven.

My plan now is to periodically share some photos with you, the rockbottom dwellers, when I think I have captured something worth sharing.  Your feedback will be appreciated as always. 


Donna Perugini said...

Did you take the photos of the labs?

I always thought that the black and white photos with one color, like little Kip's orange tee shirt, were done after the shot. Now I'm curious!

So bring on the photos!

Kipp said...

Donna - these are not my photos...but I do know somebody that raises labs. I will have to make a visit to there place soon and snap a few pics.
Will do. :)

Clipped Wings said...

Your 'buying a Ferrari but living on Catalina Island' says it all :)