Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A visit to Duck Commander

The reality show Duck Dynasty is pretty close to home (figuratively and literally).  It seems like watching an episode is like watching your our friends on TV.  

We visited my brother and his family this past weekend.  During our visit Wonder Woman finally watched a few shows Lord Knobhead (my brother "Kipp Not On your Blog"-head) had recorded.  She giggled like a school girl at Jase and Si.  Being so close to West Monroe from my brothers, we decided to make a trip to the Duck Commander warehouse.  

Amazingly enough, this may change soon, but you can drive right up to the building.  We took a few photos and walked around the parking lot for a minute.  It was fun to see my girls laugh when they saw the duck decoys on the roof and referred to one of the episodes.  Wonder Woman pointed out the other roof where the wives got stuck on the lift and Gordon got sprayed by a skunk.  We walked passed a warehouse door, that was open, with just a single chain to keep everyone out.  We peered into the warehouse and guess what, it looked just like you would expect; shelves and boxes.  There were no cameras this day, just a few people working.  

I love how open they are to their fans.  From what I have heard they are seen in town frequently.  They even provide food on Sundays after church for those in need.  I hope that is true.  Rumor has it they will make appearances in the gift shop as well.  We stopped in the gift shop hoping for that chance; no such luck this time.  The girls had to have a t-shirt and hat.  They were very excited to have visited and could not wait to tell their friends.

Well I guess that goes for me too... 

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