Sunday, May 12, 2013

Man Tires - Repost from over 3 years ago

This post first appeared over 3 years ago.

About a year ago I was in need of some new tires for my truck.   I called CP since he and I have the same model truck.  I wanted to know where he got his tires, did he get good service, did he feel like he got a good price.  Things you want to ask to see if you can find a good deal without having to the research yourself.  CP was very helpful.  "I do not remember when or where I got my tires."

The next step was to call a few tire stores and compare prices.  I called three tire stores in the area.  Turns out they were having trouble matching the tire specs I was giving them for the model truck I drove.  They would explain they did not mind selling me the bigger tire as long as I understood it was not the original tire.  I would tell them I understood. I preferred the bigger tire. They would explain that by going to the bigger tire I would lose gas mileage and possibly, in a small truck, have issues with hydroplaning during heavy rain.  Where is your sense of adventure boys!?  I explained that I did not want my truck looking like a red rider wagon with those skinny wheels.  I wanted raised white letter tires, fat tires, 60 series tires, MAN tires!   

Of the three stores there was about a $30 difference from the lowest to highest price.  The store that won the bid happened to be the closest.  They offered the lowest price and included a 10% discount for employees of my company.  They also happened to be within walking distance.  The only hesitation in picking them came from a punk that worked there a few years ago.  He was a true used car salesman.  You could take your car in for an oil change and by the time he was finished you needed a new transmission.  But they got rid of him from all the bad press and found a real down to earth lady that, according to the word on the street, was all about customer service.  

When I called her back I wanted to double check the price and any add-ons (tire disposal, new stems, lug nut removal, etc).  She verified I was the one that had called earlier, "Yes ma'am."  She tells me how glad she was I called back.  She found me a set of tires from a new brand that had a higher road wear rating for a cheaper price.  She explained this new brand was trying to get their foot in the market.  She called out the name but my hearing is not what it used to be or maybe I was just not paying attention.  "The ones we have sold we have not seen them back in, so they must be pretty good" was her pitch.  She went on to tell me about the other perks. Free rotation and balance, free nail hole or puncture repair, on and on as long as I have the tires.  I told her I would think about it.  "No problem I can have them delivered here today and they will be on your truck this afternoon" she promised.  It was 3:30.  I called her back at 3:35; "Let's do it."

I take my truck down to the shop.  I see who turned out to be Billy Sue.  She looks like she has been...I will be nice...through some rough times.  She may have weighed 95 pounds.  You know those people that look nice enough but you know if they get mad they could really do you some damage?  She smiled politely when I drove up then put her cigarette out in her palm when I parked.  "Hey ma'am, I am the guy that called about the tires you said you put on today." 
"Honey, I will put my boy on it right now.  Sweetheart, can I give you a ride back to your office?" 
"No ma'am I will walk its not that far." 
"Are you sure I would not mind at all." 
"I will be fine, I need the exercise." 
"Not a young man like you.  Let me get your number and I will call you when its ready."  
I gave her the number to the front desk at the office.

Sure enough I got a call about an hour later that my truck was ready.  I walked back down the the tire shop and see my truck sitting in the parking lot with a new set of tires.  As I walked up on it from the front I could see the wide 60 series squatty tires.  I could see the raised lettering. I even said out loud "Um hmm MAN tires".  Then I get closer and walk up beside my truck and see the brand.  What is THAT!?

Billy Sue meets me out by the truck.  "Told you we could get it done!" 
"Billy Sue what is the name brand of tire on my truck?"
"MAXXIS."  (she pronounced it max-ee's)
"Maxxees?" I asked
"Yep, no complaints from anybody that I have sold them too."

I looked at my truck looked back at her smiling face and asked with a straight face, "So when it rains are those tires going to swell up real big?" She looked at me for about 3/4th of a second like I had shot her.  Then I winked.  She started laughing so hard it started a coughing spell.  It took her a few minutes to recover enough for me to follow her back in the shop to pay.  She never really recovered before I left. 

So far my MAXXIS are the best tires I have ever had.  Provide me with a quiet smooth ride.  I have not yet needed to rotate them.  And best of all, living in the thunderstorm belt of the south, I have yet to hydroplane.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Resurrection Sunday

Ever wonder what happened on and why we celebrate Easter?

Learn about it here:

Luke 24

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A visit to Duck Commander

The reality show Duck Dynasty is pretty close to home (figuratively and literally).  It seems like watching an episode is like watching your our friends on TV.  

We visited my brother and his family this past weekend.  During our visit Wonder Woman finally watched a few shows Lord Knobhead (my brother "Kipp Not On your Blog"-head) had recorded.  She giggled like a school girl at Jase and Si.  Being so close to West Monroe from my brothers, we decided to make a trip to the Duck Commander warehouse.  

Amazingly enough, this may change soon, but you can drive right up to the building.  We took a few photos and walked around the parking lot for a minute.  It was fun to see my girls laugh when they saw the duck decoys on the roof and referred to one of the episodes.  Wonder Woman pointed out the other roof where the wives got stuck on the lift and Gordon got sprayed by a skunk.  We walked passed a warehouse door, that was open, with just a single chain to keep everyone out.  We peered into the warehouse and guess what, it looked just like you would expect; shelves and boxes.  There were no cameras this day, just a few people working.  

I love how open they are to their fans.  From what I have heard they are seen in town frequently.  They even provide food on Sundays after church for those in need.  I hope that is true.  Rumor has it they will make appearances in the gift shop as well.  We stopped in the gift shop hoping for that chance; no such luck this time.  The girls had to have a t-shirt and hat.  They were very excited to have visited and could not wait to tell their friends.

Well I guess that goes for me too... 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo...

Another run in with Customer Service, another blog post.

The remote control to my TV went out.  My TV is still under warranty and it includes the remote.  By the way what is the record for number of buttons and functions a TV remote can do?  My word.  With my remote you can turn it over and use it as a mini-qwerty keyboard as you surf the web.  The problem that came up is that side of the remote was not longer communicating with the TV.  So I started the process of calling Customer Service for a replacement.

I started with Best Buy.  They are great by the way.  They provided me with the toll free number of the Geek Squad.  They are great as well.  They provided me with the TV manufacturers toll free number.  The first representative I spoke too must have been a new employee.  Not very confident.  Making sure they said everything on their script.  (just interrupt them and ask them a question in the middle of their script)  they have start their script over instead of picking up where they left off.  Yes you have, don't judge me. :)  

The funniest part of this 45 minute phone ordeal, just to have somebody send me a new TV remote, was went I was giving the representative my email address.  You know how people use words to confirm letters.  A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo...etc.  

Well for Kipp, as in, the rep called out "K as in Kite, I as in Indian, P as in Opossum".  Before I could stop it, my inside voice called out "HA-HA hey man, Opossum does not start with a P it starts with an 'O'."  

.....Silence on the phone....  

The TV remote replacement representative then says "excuuuuse me?"  So knowing at this point they have recorded this conversation I did what I had to do, I repeated it.  Opossum starts with an O not a P.  Peter, Paul or Purple starts with a P.  "Very well sir, K as it Kite, I as in Indian, P as in Pickle."  I guess I had ticked him off so bad he was not going to use any of my suggestions.  He put me hold shortly after confirming my email address.  I figure he was doing a few things, none of which were probably pleasant about me or my dilemma.  I, on the other hand, took the time to tell Wonder Woman about what the TV remote replacement representative uses when tells his customers what the letter P stands I am telling you guys.  :)  

Nope I still have seen my replacement remote in the mail.  Not sure it will arrive anytime soon either.    

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quote by Kipp Jr

I told Kipp Jr. today during a discussion,  "Life ain't fair."

Her response, "But we can live like it is."

"Life ain't fair, but we can live like it is." - Kipp Jr. (10 years old)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Secret to marriage found?

One of those ah-ha moments when you find out you are not the only one.

At a recent family gathering my cousin Dane-O, my brother Lord Knobhead and I were standing around visiting.  Suddenly Dane-O is digging in his wallet for a business card to give his email to a friend of the family.  I stick my hand out toward him.  "Hey give me some money while you got that out."  

He tells me, since I have been married this wallet only holds credit cards, business cards, licenses, and receipts.  It does NOT know what cash is.
I was like "seriously".  Not in the you are such a sissy way of 'seriously', but a 'seriously' I thought I was the only married man that did not ever see cash in my wallet 'seriously'.

Then Lord Knobhead pipes up, I freaked out one time when I opened my wallet and saw two twenties in my wallet.  I called my wife to find out why I had cash.   She told me she thought I might need some because I was taking the kids to a church youth function.  He got off the phone and thought "Well Sha-zam! I ain't spending this on the kids, I am saving this cash for me!" He then pulled out his wallet and opened it; there was no cash in it.  Yeah that was about 5 years ago.  Hasn't been any cash in there since.

I puffed up my chest and pulled out my wallet real slow like so they would be watching.  Guys prepared to be impressed.  I opened my wallet and showed them $11.  Wow when did your wife give you that, asked Dane-O.  Boys I got this from my daughter.  I bought her something the other day with a credit card and she paid me back in cash.  My kids have more money than I do.  I told her to keep her money, but she apparently put it in my wallet one night.  Although this looks like its my cash, I am really just holding it until she needs it back.  I appreciate your temporary respect for me when ya'll saw that cash, but I have to come clean and let you know even though it is in my wallet it is still isn't my cash.

Dane-O started laughing, not the laughing at me laugh but the hey its my turn to tell a story laugh.  He told us about the time he opened his wallet and spotted two twenties.  I did the same thing you did Lord Knobhead, I called my wife when I spotted the cash.  I was freaked out I had cash.  I knew I had not put it there.  Honey why do I have cash in my wallet?  Well...what...wait, the last time I put cash in your wallet was for the boy scout trip you took about six months ago.  You still have that?!  I had $40 in my wallet for over six months before I knew it was in there.  I was so excited about having cash, I ended up spending it all that day. :-)  

I have told this story at least a half a dozen times recently.  I have been astonished to find out how many a married man pulls out his wallet with a frown on his face to show me an empty wallet.  One even told of having to secretly roll change to have some fun money for coffee or a chicken finger lunch.  Even heard a comedian this week talking about this subject.  He had a friend that his wife gave him $60 weekly allowance, the ultimate punchline to his weekly fortune was - she was cheating on him.  The allowance was a distraction.

Surely there is a lesson here to be told or understood; maybe we have uncovered the secret to a successful marriage...nah, that would be just ridiculous.   

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quotes by Squirt

Eating breakfast on New Years Day

Squirt: Who is the oldest person to ever live?

Kipp: I think it was Methuselah from the Bible.

Kipp Jr.: He was like 947 years old.

Squirt (pondering before she spoke): I 'm glad there are no pictures in the Bible.