Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you or don't you

I was perusing the internet the other day as I sometimes do, and came across a interesting story - haunted hotels.  Of the top 5 on the list, I had spent the night in one and visited another.  If the list would have been a top ten I am sure I have stayed in a third and fourth.  So it got me thinking about making my own list.

  • Hotel del Coronado - San Diego, CA  ++
  • The Myrtles Plantation - St. Francisville, LA ++
  • Copper Queen Hotel - Bisbee, AZ  xx
  • Pinebridge Inn - Spruce Pines, NC  xx

++ - on the Yahoo! list
xx - awtta be on the list

The common theme for all my visits to these hotels; I did not know about the "paranormal spirits" until after I arrived.  Sometimes not knowing until the next day when somebody in town asked "Where did you stay last night?"  Upon providing my response, "O my, did you know it was haunted!?"   

They would then want to know how well I slept or if I had heard or seen anything.  My response was always the same.  "No, can't say that I heard or saw anything while I was sleeping." 

The Myrtles Plantation and the Copper Queen Hotel were so proud of their paranormal activity at breakfast the next morning the Myrtles staff would ask if you saw anything unusual.  The Cooper Queen had a ghost register at the front desk - they wanted you to record your experience.  All these places had names for their ghosts hosts.  When I failed to give any accounts of encounters of the ghostly, "You will before you leave."  

I am not saying there are or are not ghosts, but I will say that given the chance to fill ones head with stories before you go to sleep or while you are staying a "haunted hotel", you may start hearing things and seeing things that make you wonder: is that where I left my toothbrush, I thought I left the TV on ESPN before I left for dinner, I don't remember putting water in that glass, was that somebody dragging their finger nails across a chalkboard, who is that standing behind the curtains...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Few updates

Just a few quick updates of note.  Based on recommendations by social media everywhere, it is said followers/readers like to see who they are reading about or texting.  On the over one year of my blog anniversary, my ugly mug is now displayed on the left.  

That's me over on the left with the big lips...the one with the spiked hair on top....the one on the right side of the picture to the left...the one wearing the sunglasses...for Pete's sake put your glasses on.

Secondly thanks to those who have either downloaded a sample of Rockbottom the ebook or have purchased a $0.99 full copy.  It is very of kind of you.  If you have a full copy, I would love for you to leave a review on smashwords.  Leave your name on a good review so I can thank you.   Make up a false name for bad review so I can't find you...just kidding.  Seriously, just kidding.

Thirdly I have added the book cover picture to the ebook on smashwords further down on the left column.  The hidden picture, that is not so hidden for some, has generated some fun guesses.  A hawk, your wife parachuting to find one of your golf shots in the woods, a kite, an air assault armadillo exterminator...

Last note about the ebook, unless you ask, but it is pending approval from smashwords to be put on amazon, barnes and nobles and other more recognizable sites.  Just saying - things could either get real embarrassing, nasty, or crazy and expensive.  :)   

***As of 10.7.11 smashwords approved Rockbottom for their premium catalog.  It will now be available on 7 different ebook outlets including amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Sony.***