Sunday, April 29, 2012

social media member

Well I have gone and done it.  I have joined the social media craze.  I joined twitter.  I think my twitter address is @KippBedford.  I will be spending some time learning how to use it, but I have been waiting to see if something called "twitter" was going to last. :)

I do not anticipating updating more than once or twice a week, there is only room for 144 characters.  Not 144 words, not 144 syllables, but 144 characters.  If you have been following rockbottom for any length of time, you know 144 characters limits me.  If When I need more space, I will update my blog and then tweet about it.  

Could they not have chosen something besides a bird?  Would a dog have not been better?  

"Follow us on bow-wow!"  
"I think I will bark about it."
"Did you see what Kipp woofed about yesterday?"
"Send us a growl and let us know how you feel about it."
"For tonight's fire-hydrant complete this phrase.  The worst walk I ever had was..." 

OK...maybe "twitter" and "tweet" are not so bad.  ;)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blakeley State Park - hidden pics

Click picture to enlarge

During our recent visit to Blakeley Confederate National Battlefield
we found a tree the kids wanted to play on.  We allowed them to climb around on it for a few minutes.  After they were finished I decided to take one more photo.  I changed my camera setting to black and white and clicked.  

After we got home and I downloaded the pictures from the camera I thought I saw something in the stump.  After getting confirmation about what I thought saw from the kids and Wonder Woman, I spotted another something.  

We counted two distinct shapes in the stump.  How many do you see? 

(I will edit this post in a week with what we saw and try to highlight the shapes we spotted - unless everybody sees what we see/saw...LOL)

Life is full of surprises.  Get out and enjoy it.

No hidden pictures in this photo.  This is the actual battlefield.  We happened to be at Blakeley on the 147th anniversary of the battle.  It was unplanned, but it still brought goose bumps.

And one more hidden picture, this one is easier.  We still have not identified the creatures official name.  If you know what it is, let us know.

Click the page break to see the mystery image from the first picture

Sunday, April 1, 2012

over-the-stove microwave

Wonder Woman and I were eating breakfast Saturday morning.  Kipp Jr and Squirt were spending time with their grandparents.  Wonder Woman brought up again how she wanted the over the stove micro-wave to come down so a hood could be put up in its place.  Taking it down ourselves will save us some money.  With no kids in the house and nothing planned until after lunch, she saw potential for some work to get done.  I on the other hand found potential for some down time, check some blogs, take some pictures, relax.  

Several seconds later I was holding a screwdriver in my hand being provided instructions from the internet on how to dismount an over-the-stove microwave.  Wonder woman was explaining all we have to do is unplug it, loosen just four (4) screws then you just tilt and lift.  

Several loosened screws, several minutes, and several words which shall not be repeated here, the over-the-stove microwave was still above the stove.  How can this thing still be on the wall?  The microwave had been striped like an abandoned vehicle.  There were parts all over the kitchen.  We even moved the stove out to provide more leverage for me to lift up on the microwave.  At the peak of my frustration I asked Wonder woman for a piece of plywood to put across the gaping hole between the cabinets.  This was for a few reasons.  First to catch the microwave when I ripped from the wall in case it fell I did not want it to land on my toes.  Second in case it came down/out crooked it would not crack the granite counter tops and really set me off.  Lastly to catch any loose parts that may fall off when it finally came off the wall.

I was getting ready to grunt and growl like a cave man when I see a screw that had somehow missed the screwdriver barrage.  I asked Wonder woman why she had not mentioned this screw.  She calmly replies, I thought you were in charge of removing the screws.  You know I need supervision, I said.  Then I made this statement, If this thing comes out after I remove this screw I am going to break something.  Screw number 123 comes out and I give the tilt and lift on the microwave...voila...I am holding one over the stove microwave.  I asked Wonder woman to open the back door please.  I took the beast of an microwave out in the yard and pitched it toward the trash can.  Before I returned into the house I gave it a swift kick to the groin (no microwaves do not have a groin but that is where I imagined kicking it OK).  

According to the internet, "The skills needed to remove an over the counter microwave were minimal, nearly childlike.  Remove 4 screws, tilt forward then lift.  The microwave should come off the wall with ease.  Removal time = 10 minutes."     

124 screws, 80 minutes, 1 stove removal, 47 pulls, 49 tugs, 150 grunts, and 1 pull-and-lift later by a guy looking to relax, the microwave was out by the trash.  The moral to this story...just because it is on the internet, does NOT mean it is true.