Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blakeley State Park - hidden pics

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During our recent visit to Blakeley Confederate National Battlefield
we found a tree the kids wanted to play on.  We allowed them to climb around on it for a few minutes.  After they were finished I decided to take one more photo.  I changed my camera setting to black and white and clicked.  

After we got home and I downloaded the pictures from the camera I thought I saw something in the stump.  After getting confirmation about what I thought saw from the kids and Wonder Woman, I spotted another something.  

We counted two distinct shapes in the stump.  How many do you see? 

(I will edit this post in a week with what we saw and try to highlight the shapes we spotted - unless everybody sees what we see/saw...LOL)

Life is full of surprises.  Get out and enjoy it.

No hidden pictures in this photo.  This is the actual battlefield.  We happened to be at Blakeley on the 147th anniversary of the battle.  It was unplanned, but it still brought goose bumps.

And one more hidden picture, this one is easier.  We still have not identified the creatures official name.  If you know what it is, let us know.

Click the page break to see the mystery image from the first picture


Updated 4.24.12 
OK here is what we saw from the first picture.
To the left we saw an elephant head.  I think most everyone can see it.  The other figure we found looked more human.  I have highlighted the parts we spotted.

Go back to the original picture and see if you can spot it.


Stephen Hayes said...

I see an elephant, but I don't think one was lurking nearby.

Kipp said...

Good eye...keep looking for the other one.

EmptyNester said...

I see the elephant...can't tell about the other---is it a cat of sorts? Lion perhaps?

Donna Perugini said...

Second try...the first one was eaten by Google. It's a long story not worth repeating.

In the 3rd photo I see a lizard that has on great camo. In the b/w tree photo there's a dog lying down with a long tail. Opposite side of the tree kind of looks like a horse's head. Really eerie tree in b/w, Kipp!

SherilinR said...

i see a naked body climbing, facedown, up the darker root thing in the middle.

Kipp said...

EmptyNester - it can be anything you want it to be...but that is not what we saw :)

Donna - LOL!
I wish I knew what kind of lizard it is. Dog with a long tail...I will have to look again ;)

Sherilin - you are getting closer to what we saw. With a head, arms and legs...I will update the post with an enhanced image that make it pop out.

Jito said...

I see a mummy leaning against the base of the tree on the first photo

Phil and Sherry said...

Definitely Bigfoot. Definitely.

Kipp, have you ever separated your color photos into RED/GREEN/BLUE? If you have a photo manipulation program on your computer you should try it. Most of the time the green channel by itself makes a better b/w image than the b/w option on your camera, or even b/w film! If they still make that. Try it—you might have some color photos that would be killer in b/w

Kipp said...

Jito - that too is a good way to describe it. It looks like a person to us too.

Phil and Sherry - I will have to try that out and see how it turns out. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Follow and become a "rockbottom dweller" :)