Recommended Reading by rockbottom

First book on the list - Holy Bible.  
It has been a best seller for about 2,000 years; must be worth reading.  If you do not know where to start try the book of Ephesians.  Think it is difficult to read with all the shall's and thou's and whosoever's? Click on this link and try the letter to the Ephesians in the New Living Translation. 

Donald Miller tells about how he got off the couch and began living.  
This book is why I started this blog.  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

I found this next book a few months ago in the bookstore that the author, Sonny Brewer started.  When I first picked up the book I misunderstood the concept.  Thankfully, this week on a visit to the library I picked it up again and had an ah ha moment.  It has provided me with some insight on what it takes to be a writer.  It is a compilation of famous authors and what they were doing or what lead them to quit working for a living and start writing for a living.  
Don't Quit Your Day Job

The next book is one that does not take long to read (about 130 pages).  The True Measure of a Man by Richard E. Simmons (no not that Richard Simmons). What I liked about this book is it provokes thought.  I found a review of the book that will help you see just how much thought it generated in one old curmudgeon.  He nearly matches the length of the book with his tearing down of the book.  Why would I recommend you to a negative review of the book I am recommending you to read?  Simple, to provoke thought.  


A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is for anybody that has a glimmer of adventure in their eye.  This book inspired my father to plan a trip to the Appalachian Trail for him and his sons.  Everyone I have recommended this book not only tells me how much they enjoyed it, they recommend it to others.

Another fun book to read is I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.  This is a book by a man, Vince Antonucci, who set out to prove Christianity was a myth but ended up understanding and believing in Christ.  Another thought provoking book.

Alabama Moon is a book written by a local author Watt Key.  Although dubbed a children book I think anybody that been camping or loves the outdoors will enjoy this book.  Moon is a 10 year old boy who has been raised by his father in the woods.  Life changes quickly and sends Moon down a new path.  Enjoyable read.     

I admit it, I am caught up in the Tim Tebow frenzy.  I think the positive influence he is having across the nation and what he stands for is refreshing.  After reading this book you will find out...well...read it and find out.