Thought Burst

This page is dedicated to short brainstorming bursts of thought.

It could be a top ten list.
It could be a recent book list.
It could be a how to page.
It could be a random thought.
It could be a recent joke.

"God will let you get what you can get for yourself, or you can let God give you what He wants to you have."  - Dr. Dan Taylor

This week:
If you are self conscience...Never ask a nine year old to see if she can see a hair in your ear.

Before that:
If you do not play by the rules, can you still call a foul?

A week or so ago:
My teen-aged nephew has written a poem worth reading called The End.  Click the link to read it.

Scary week II:
Somewhere in the process of my panic attack I have started following my own blog.  Although it appears I am padding my follower stats, that was by no means my intention.  But at the same time I have too much pride to remove myself from my own blog.

Scary week I:
O MY --- for about four hours today I could not access my blog.  "It has been removed" was the message posted when I tried to log in.  Not sure what went on today but I eventually was able to log back in.  I have been spending a lot of time backing up my posts.  I am backing up contacts as well. 

The week before that:
Do you text and drive?
If you answered "Yes" raise your right hand and repeat after me:

"Kipp - I text and drive."
"Kipp - I promise to watch this video."

Thanks, you can put your hand down.

Now click on this link and watch this video:

The week before that:
I asked a lady at work the other day,
"Do you believe in ghost's?"
Her response: "Not until I see one."

A few weeks ago:
Try to use the following phrase in a sentence:
"I have never not always..."

Last week before that week:
Thanks to all those who follow along with 'rockbottom'.
Thanks to all who stop by and visit. 

The week before that:
The Tide is out.

The week before that:
What would you put on your bucket list?

The week way before that:
Is kinda sounded like Rocky Top.  Nevermind.

Your friends will think this is funnier if you ask them first thing in the morning.
Q: What is black and white and blue?
A: A very very cold penguin.

You got the idea:
Why?  When?  When are you going to learn your car windows are NOT one way glass.  We can all see you using your index finger or your pinky finger as you shove it up into your frontal brain lobe to dig out that elusive booger that apparently is stuck on your cerebellum.  Then after you have examined your find and tossed it either to the floor board or out the window you look around to see if anybody was looking.  Seriously girlfriend...why do you think we didn't see that?

Maybe the week before that:
Why do we wish we had something to do then say we wish it was over only to wish for something else to do?

The week before that:
The game Minute to Win It appears to be more fun when played for large sums of money than a get together with friends.  Somehow being able to throw a few poker cards in a bucket 8 feet away in less than 60 seconds in front of a few friends is not as impressive as it is for the 200 people in the studio audience.  There needs to be more at stake than points.  Maybe a $25 gift card to Starbucks...hey now!...there is some motivation.

The week before that:
What is it about some people that can handle pressure situations without blinking, backing down or showing any sign of weakness?  They can stand up to anybody.  The bully, the brutish salesperson, the overbearing store clerk, the rude movie ticket taker.  Saying "excuse me!" to the big ugly guy standing in the grocery store line scratching things that should not be scratched in public.  But put a bug of any type like a spider, roach, lizard, beetle or say salamander, in front of her and she freaks out screaming for help. What's up with that?

The week before that:
Get an egg out of the fridge.  Place it in the palm of your hand longways.  (For you right handers that would be like: pinky<-egg->thumb)  Now, without using your thumb to help squeeze, no matter how strong you think you are, you will not be able to crack, bust, burst, or otherwise break open the egg you are holding by squeezing it.  Remember no thumb, keep it sticking out.
Parents of teenage boys: Winning a friendly family wagers for chores is highly recommended.

Several weeks ago:
Did anybody see the video of the whale jumping out of the ocean and landing on the side of a sailboat breaking the mast a few weeks back?  When you first heard this were you like me and thinking..."Yeah right do they have a video of it?"  It made me think - have I really reached a point where I have to see it to believe it?  I quickly remembered there are a few things that I still do not have to see to believe.  What are they you ask: Tooth fairy, Santa, the wind, oxygen, love, direct deposit...

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CP said...

Kipp, thanks for sharing the text and drive video, very powerful