Welcome to my temporary website Kipp Bedford Photography.

Look around*, scroll up, scroll down, zoom in, zoom out, if you see something you like give me a shout.  If you are not local, maybe we can work something out.  My email is
My fees are listed below.

Senior portraits

Engagement pictures

Baby pics

Just for fun

Read the "Photography" post from the home page here.

Location fees:
In Mobile County $75.00
In Baldwin County $100.00
Will provide quote for areas outside those listed above.

Photos edited and provided on SD Card:
Minimum fee including up to first hour of editing $75.00
Additional editing hours $25.00 each

*All pictures on this page are property of Kipp Bedford.


Stephen Hayes said...

You have a talent for investing simple subjects with grace and drama. Well done!

Clipped Wings said...

You are always amazing me. These photos speak more than a thousand words.

Pam Lofton said...

Dude- look at you! You are GOOD! I would send you to my photography blog but never mind. LOL

AmyGraham said...

Hope you don't mind. I saw your Mom at the hospital and she sent me a lolink to your blog. These are really good. I'm very impressed. Your blog is hilarious, especially the one about your Mom and don't think she didnt mention it!

Annette Moore said...

I have enjoyed your writing for a long time and am so pleased to see you branching out. I am gratified to see what a multi-talented young man you have become. You do your parents proud!