Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where have you been?

To everyone reading this post I want to say "Thank You!"  
Thank you for the support and encouragement.

I also wanted you all to know; my first ebook has been self-published on smashwords.  It is called Rockbottom.  (smashwords made me capitalize it)

What is smashwords you ask?  It is a marketplace for self-published material from around the world.  It is for readers and writers.  For the reader, it provides a library at your finger tips.  For the writer, it provides a platform to create an ebook for the reader. 

Why did I publish on smashwords?  Because I thought it was cool.  ebooks are cool y'all.  Why did you buy your iphone, ipad, tablet, Kindle, or Mac?  Right, because they are cool.    

If you decide to checkout Rockbottom at smashwords, it will be familiar to you as it is a compilation of some of the original rockbottom posts put together all in one place for easy reading.  The effort put forth to make it an ebook has been both challenging and exciting.  It has taken me several months to organize, edit, and format to the specifications of smashwords but I finally got it. 

The only favor I ask is - go check out the book cover - I am curious to know how many of you will be able to pick out the hidden picture.  If you can't, I guess you will just have to spend the $0.99 to find out what it is.  :p

Big THANKS to my buddy Phil for providing the artwork for the bookcover.

Here is the direct link to Rockbottom on smashwords: