Saturday, January 28, 2012

new camera

Well I got my new camera today.  It was both exciting and disappointing.  The excitement of getting a new tool to create visuals brightened my day.  Opening the delivered box full of Styrofoam peanuts pulling out all the new items was like watching my kids open their presents at Christmas.  

Me: Ewww what's that for?  O cool that is the tri-pod!
I was stoked.  Squirt was totally impressed with the peanuts as she grabbed two hand fulls while I uncovered the order sheet.  Before preceding to far along as to make sure all my items had been delivered, I started reviewing the order sheet.  The list of items seemed to be about right (10-15 items).  Then I noticed three of the items were circled.  Two of them were lens cloth's - no big deal - I have things that will clean a lens.  The last circled item I saw was when the disappointment set in.   

One of the main reasons I had called the nameless, they deserve absolutely no recognition, none, zero, camera company instead of ordering directly from their website, or any other for that matter, was to verify they had the main items of the camera package I wanted to order in stock.  Namely the main three components: the camera, the standard lens, and finally and most importantly the zoom lens.  The big boy, the big ticket item, the beast.  

I called and talked to a customer service representative, a real person.  I asked them to put me on hold while he checked and verified he had the items in the package.  I wanted confirmation of the items, before I placed the order or I would have purchased elsewhere.  

Me:  Are you sure you have the lens ready to ship? The regular lens and the zoom lens?  Both lens?
Rep: Yes sir, I just verified, they are in stock and I can ship them with your order.  

He lied.  How can I be so sure?  How can I call him a liar?  A few things.  First - No zoom lens in the box.  Second - The order sheet was stamped with a message:

"The circled items on your list are on backorder 
and will be shipped at a later date."

That's right - they had an ink stamp for this.  Hmmm if they have a stamp, maybe they have had this issue before.  But I am just guessing really.  No not really.  I was pretty ticked off.  And I was also ticked off because the customer service phone support is not open on Saturday or Sunday.  Therefore I cannot call while I am still angry disappointed.  By the time Monday rolls around I will be over it, maybe.  I plan on reading this again Monday seeing if it lights my fire again.  :)

OK so with all that is one the first pictures I took with the new camera:

You can click on the image to see a larger version.

The camera takes pretty good pics.  It is very easy to use.  It was fun to use.  It has some cool features and gadgets.  I am no expert.  I do have a lot to learn about photography still for sure.  But I have decided to send the camera back.  Yes I am going to have to send it back...I did not even think they made black and white camera's anymore. 



bettyl said...

Sometimes, I long for the days when customer service was just that.
I hope things work out better with the next camera.

JeannetteLS said...

Truly? I never heard of a black and white camera, only black and white settings or film MAN.

But, then, I just got my first digital camera for Christmas, and I had not even USED my 33 mm camera for five years!

I've been playing with my simple point and shoot with the little zoom. For now, that's all I need.

All I CAN HANDLE!! I feel like an idiot when I used it, but that will change, too.

I hope, once you GET what you ordered, that you have a great time. I am enjoying your blog. Mine is heavy. I know that. But I love following blogs where people are into new passions, can tell a good story, or are committed to things that matter to me.

I am looking forward to following your blog,Kip. And your adventures in photograpy.

Kipp said...

bettyl - it would be nice for companies to be more concerned about the customer than the sale, but I am afraid those days are gone. Also - I was just kidding about the camera being a b&w. :)

JeanetteLS - sorry about the misdirection to you too, no the camera is not black and white. I need to add my wink ;) a little closer to my sarcastic remarks.

I am glad you are finding your way around rockbottom and enjoying it. This was a rare rant for me, I would rather put a smile on your face than leave something "sticking in your craw"*.

*Southern slang for discontent or resentment.

Donna Perugini said...

Well, there's always your friend's camera...or your wife's 'newer' phone with camera...

When you call them Monday, just tell them 'liars are friers'..or ask them if their 'pants are on fire'. Ummm...skip that last one. It sounds too personal! :O)

Kipp said...

Donna - you made me laugh. "liars are friers"
I called today and they claim they will ship the remaining items today or tomorrow. I asked for their name and extension. They provided both. I thanked them and said I would talk to them to tomorrow. ;)
If it has not shipped by then, I will be speaking with a supervisor.

Westsox said...

Nice picture with amazing detail.

If you look closely, I believe it is time to powerwash the swing so your wife can sit on it while watching the girls play in the back yard.

Congratulations on you new hobby.

Kipp said...

Westsox - thanks. The "to do" list gets longer...