Sunday, January 15, 2012

Down by the river

I have not ever been much of a photographer, but after a weekend outside Atlanta with family...  

My brother in law let me test his super cool fancy camera around a local river.  Here are some of the shots:

The reflection in this next one caught my eye.

This one is not quite in focus - user error - but it is still one of my favorite.  This tree stump has been through some rough times.

This is back at brother in laws house as the sun is about to set.  One of the sun rays still made its way to this limb.

This is Tony.  Tony does NOT like his picture taken.  I had just missed him showing me his teeth. 

This is Tony looking over his kingdom from the balcony.

Anyhoo...thinking about getting a camera now. 


mrsrkfj said...

Beautiful pictures! Tony is adorable (I'm a cat person). The tree stump photo was perfect. I couldn't tell it wasn't in focus. You did very well for a novice.

Kipp said...

mrsrkfj - thank you, it was quite entertaining. I am hoping to give it a whirl again soon.

bettyl said...

Great job! I wish I had been into photography when I was down that way. I guess we all need a catalyst.
A little advice...Go out and get you a point and shoot camera first and see where your interests go from there. All the bells and whistles can be overwhelming at first.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me you we such a great photographer already! No wonder you were "looking" at cameras! Great job!
Mary B.

Kipp said...

bettyl - thanks! We have so many wonderful sites around ... might as well take a photo for others to enjoy.

Mary B. - ;) I get all my talent from my mom.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Tony looks quite regal

Donna Perugini said...

Kipp, In clarity and style, it looks like National Geographic photos. Have you tried using the camera on your cellphone yet?

As for not capturing the cat's teeth in the photo, he probably wanted to whiten them first.

Clipped Wings said...

Not too bad. You have a good eye for framing a photo. The reflection, tree stump, and Tony are extremely nice. I agree with bettyl. Getting more of a camera than you can handle will most likely see you never using it, so do a little research and experiment with one without too many whistles and bells.

Kipp said...

Beezlebug - thank you. He thinks he is royalty for sure.

Donna - cell phone is an antique.
Which reminds of a idea for a post.
(LOL on the teeth joke)

Clipped - thanks! It was fun to look around and see things from a new perspective.

Westsox said...

Nice pictures, except for that Cat. I you need any assistance with picture editing, my 12 year old daughter have become very proficient and could provide some tips.

Kipp said...

Westsox - well Tony did not appear to want his picture made which made it all the more fun to take it...:) Amazing what the youngsters can do these days.