Friday, February 17, 2012


Vicksburg, MS

One of our national treasures.  
A military battlefield and cemetery of when our 
own citizens were at war with each other.

The Shirley house (it has been remodeled) 
was the only structure that survived the battle.  
Everything else around was destroyed.
It served as the headquarters for the Union Army.

Can you imagine being so close to your enemy 
you can see them loading the canons they are about to fire at you? 
(The Illinois Memorial in the background)

This little guy was proud to represent his colors.

Being this close.
It was almost like I heard the call to FIRE!

 With the weather, 
the scenery...

...the quietness. 

My mind was drifting 
to times I have only read about. 

I got lost in thought and wonder 
during this moment with General Grant.

Then I felt I might have known 
exactly what he was thinking.

In one respect,
the weather may not have been the best for taking pictures.  
But in another profound way, 
it provided the reverence...


Clipped Wings said...

Very nice prose and photos. I've been wanting to see this area. By your photos I know it would well be worth the visit.

Stephen Hayes said...

Very nice pictures. I've never scene photos of this battlefield and this was a poignant reminder of the great sacrifices made for our liberty.

Kipp said...

Clipped - take the time to visit. There is a lot more to see than what is presented here. Good to hear from you.

Stephen "CC" - I plan on returning and spending some more time visiting the U.S.S Cairo Museum. One of the strangest things were how small and open the battlefields were. Trenches were the latest tactical advantage. Warfare has definitely changed.

Gary Stewart said...

I took the family up there on a day trip and it was well worth it. The Cairo museum and the ship are awesome. The whole lower structure is the actual ship and they rebuilt the upper decks so you can walk on it. Jeremy and I walked up one of the hills and I could not begin to imagine charging up it under fire from above.

Kipp said...

Gary - I grabbed a few pictures of the Cairo but I want to get some more from on board. It was a lot bigger than I had imagined.

Donna Perugini said...

Really like the way the General was on his horse in a field. Your shot from afar made it seem like he was there, looking over the terrain.

Some very thoughtful shots there, Kipp. Very nice.

Kipp said...

Donna - thank you for the kind words. That was the story I was trying tell with the shot.