Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kipp's moon

I stepped out of the house to take out the trash and saw a great full moon.  Hope the title was not misleading. ;)  I thought, Hey my new camera is charged.  I have been practicing with some settings.  Let's see if the practice has paid off.

The first picture is what it looked like outside before I started changing the settings on my camera.  I was absolutely amazed when I pulled these pictures up onto my monitor (well not the first picture).

This first picture is of the full moon in the auto mode.  
That dot you see is  the moon:

The second picture shows you more of why I wanted to take a picture. 

click to enlarge picture

This one makes me think she (the moon) is letting her hair down.

 click to enlarge picture

And then just for kicks, I decided to add the whole tree.  
Well what I got was: oh just a silhouette of an old tree, framed by a brilliant bright white porch light and a kitchen sink-bulb, sandwiched with a orange street light under a star speckled silky midnight blue sky and a full moon...but my words do it no justice.

click to enlarge picture

Y'all - when I learn how to focus properly; I might get hooked on this picture thing.  Seriously.


bettyl said...

Nicely done, Kipp, but spooky because my last post is of the moon, too!

SherilinR said...

learning the options on your camera can dramatically increase the quality of your pics. keep practicing!

Donna Perugini said...

I must have missed when you sent the camera back and bought another.

Your eye as a photographer is talented. Your only problem will be not developing a taste for more camera related items like macro lenses, telephoto lenses, etc.

Kipp said...

bettyl - you like looking at moon too - awesome!

SherilinR - I am reading the book, taking advice, sharing the pics for all to see and critique. Fun stuff.

Donna - no it is still the same camera, starting to like the camera...but still waiting on the zoom lens.
Thank you for kind words about my eye. ;)
If I had to order from the camera company that shall not be named because they do not deserve any publicity of any kind - I would not. But if those accessories help develop super cool pictures...I might need to invest.

Stephen Hayes said...

I just found your blog thanks to Best Posts of the Week and I'm enjoying my visit. You have a great photographic eye and I love the commentary. I'm looking forward to more visits to Rockbottom.

Stop by and visit me at Chubby Chatterbox sometime. I also like to tell stories that make people smile. Have a great weekend.

Kipp said...

Stephen - thanks for stopping by, please come back soon. I try to post about once a week.
I will stop by Chubby Chatterbox soon.