Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I happened upon something that intrigued me in my blogger profile recently.
A blogger random question.

Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos?
rockbottom random answer:
I am more of an outdoors type versus an engineer.  Roaming around observing life from different vantage points is more my speed.  Staying on a mundane path with frequent stops pulling a heavy burden is something I dropped off with the choo-choo pajamas.


SherilinR said...

congratulations of leaving your heavy burden behind & becoming more care-free. may you fly freely and with abandon - in your duck jammies.

Clipped Wings said...

Good answer to a totally useless question, lol.

Donna Perugini said...


Facing50Blog.com said...

I just cannot think of a suitable comment - I'm just sitting grinning at the thought of you in duckie 'jimjams'.
You also had me snorting at your comment you left on my blog. There is no doubt about it you are very funny.(in a positive, humorous way not weird)

Kipp said...

Sherilin - the ducks are loose.

Clipped - go check out the random question on your profile ... would like to hear your take on the silliness.

Donna - so you are saying "where there are decoys there are hunters"?

Carol - they even have the booties/feet ;) (thank you)

Buckskins Rule said...

Random doesn't even begin to describe the questions that blogger poses.

In the spirit of sharing the pain, I left you an award over at my blog.