Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soap box - NCAA

We have heard it all concerning the NCAA and their rulings this year and the proposal for new rules for next year.  Yep, it reminds me of being a kid.  

Remember when we set up the rules for a game of backyard football?  First you had to find a ball.  Any ball would do as long you had one.  But as soon as a kid got a new one everybody wanted to use his.  Remember who got to pick teams?  (In case you forgot; the kid with new ball)  Remember who got the best kid on his team?  Then the kid always getting picked last went and asked Santa for a better ball.  The rules were constantly changing. 

Mixed in with the ball issue was setting up the boundaries of the field.  One end zone was from the driveway to the house.  The other was from the tree stump to old man Wilson’s wooden fence.  But as soon as someone tripped over the stump and misses the “it would have been touchdown” pass; the boundary changed.  Now instead of the stump it was to the old football a few feet inside the tree stump.  Then after somebody ran a little too wide of the side of house to avoid a tackle, there was an argument over the sideline.  The rules got changed again.

Once you settled on which ball to use and what the field boundaries were, typically all the good kids ended up on the same team and the game was not fun anymore.  

The rulings levied by the NCAA this year have reminded me of those days of backyard football.  Just a bunch of kids that can’t decide on the rules, so they change the rules, the more they change the rules the more trouble it causes, the more trouble it causes, the less fun the game becomes…yep sounds familiar.


Westsox said...

Just like back in the day of backyard football, we only seem to complain about the rules or rule changes when they have a negative impact on our team or a positive impact on our opponent. From my seats, it was a one in a million season, or at least a once in every fifty years season. What's not fun about that?

Anonymous said...

I don't follow football, nor did I play it as a kid, but I certainly remember how the rules in games constantly changed. You described that part of being a kid so well.

Kipp said...

PAMO - thats an easy fix, next time the kids in the neighborhood are playing go tell them you want to play. :)

Westsox - In your magically season not miss the forest for the trees. The NCAA has made strange decisions for multiple teams this year. (The WR for GA selling his bowl jersey getting an immediate suspension vs the OSU player(s) selling equipment but their suspension not taking place until next season after their BCS bowl game) My point is the NCAA is like a bunch of children - consistently inconsistent.

EmptyNester said...

I LOVE football! I've been watching and playing it since I was a little girl...that's right, girl. Of course, I only played in the back yard with my cousins and surrounding neighborhood kids, but it was BIG FUN! And watching games on the weekends with my dad--more BIG FUN! AND sometimes we went to college games! But football really isn't the same sport anymore--it's not the game it was all those years ago, even I see that. But it doesn't stop me from watching college ball on Saturday and NFL on Sunday and spending my spring and summer just waiting on it to all start up again! Did you know that when I was little I wanted to be a football player when I grew up? I wonder if they're ever gonna change the rule that the kids only have to have only a 70 average in high school to receive a NCAA, if they want to change a rule... said...

Kipp you left such a great comment on my blog I had to come and visit you and having found you I am now your latest follower.
I have to admit you lost me on this post, but you would wouldn't you as we don't play football here (in the UK)...mind you the way some of the teams are performing we don't play soccer either (very well!)
off to snoop around your other posts.
Really nice to 'meet you'.

Kipp said...

EmptyNester - I will still watch football and will still cheer for my team. Just had to laugh at the way the NCAA has handled things.

Facing50 - thanks so very much for visiting and being the latest rockbottom dweller! I am not much on your football (soccer) either so we can call it even. Snoop all you want :)

Clipped Wings said...

I'm not a football person, kid or grownup; but I enjoyed reading this very much. Good always write a good read.