Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I in trouble?

The names in this story have been changed to protect those that need their heart blessed.

The company I work for is spread out over multiple buildings.  The building I worked from a few years back held about 100 employees.  We were each issued an ID badge and key for security and entry to the building.  However, we were constantly letting in the lunch delivery guy, the flower delivery guy (no not for me) and any customers that might be visiting the area.  By 'letting in' I mean into the foyer or the break room.  Once they made their delivery or visit, they were escorted back out of the building.
Walking across the foyer of the main entrance one summer day about 9:30 A.M. I notice a gentleman approaching the door with an arm full of flowers.  Red roses to be exact.  So I approach the door, open it and let the man into the building.  

Me: "How are you today?  Can I help you find somebody?"

Flower man: "Yes I am looking for Andrea."

Me: "OK wait here and I will go get her for you."

Flower man: "OK thanks I will wait here."

Andrea is on the phone when I get to her desk.  I motion for her to get off the phone.  She tells the person on the other side she will call them back.

Me: "Andrea can you come with me for a second?"

Andrea: "Am I in trouble?"

Me: "I do not think so."

We walk back up to the foyer.  I step across the foyer to the other side so I can view her reaction getting the red roses from the flower deliver guy.  I was used to hearing "Thank you!" or "Oh he shouldn't have!" or "It is a good thing he did!" or "These are for me?!"  But this day was different.  It went something like this...

Andrea stops in her tracks and starts smiling from ear to ear.  Flower guys grins and hits a knee.  Andrea puts her hands on her chest and takes a deep breath.  My eyes get real big as I say "Oh no."  Flower guy seems to be fumbling around with the roses as if he is trying to find a place to lay them down.  He looks up at me and stretches out the roses toward me.  

Me: "Whoa! Hey man, I'm married."

Flower guy: "Can you hold these for a second."      

He hands me the roses and reaches across to his other hand to grab a ring.  Andrea and I both see the diamond engagement ring at the same time.  She squeals a little.  I think I said "Unbelievable".  

Andrea: "Oh Flower guy..."

I have cleaned up what actually came out of his mouth.  But here is nearly what Flower guy so eloquently said to Andrea.  Trust me I could not have made this up.

Flower guy: "I know I am going to screw this up, but will you marry me?"

Me: "When you say 'screw' this up?  Did you mean this whole proposal event here or your future matrimony?  Because as the only witness to this event, I need to know.  If you want to try it again later today trust me man, nobody will know."  Of course it was my inside voice! 

Andrea: "Yes."

Me: My outside voice this time, "Well Andrea this is the part when you would kiss him...preferably when I am not standing here."  
I spun on my heels and moseyed off to my office in shock.  
Looking back now, when she asked me "Am I in trouble?"
...bless her heart.

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Buckskins Rule said...

Good on you for giving the man a go at at second chance. We guys have to stick together, after all.