Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What to call it

Is there a term for this phenomenon?

Isn’t it weird how things you did not notice before, but now since you like them, make you notice them all the more. Like when you want a Black GMC Yukon because nobody else has one. Then you start seeing a bunch of Black GMC Yukon’s. Or you buy a cool pair of shoes thinking nobody else will have a pair of Crocs. Or when you have your, “this will be how I make my first million dollars” idea, about a haircutting system that vacuums away hair to a receptacle while you are cutting. If there is not a name for this, we need to create one. Awareness of your now obvious surroundings (maybe Suroware' Vu)

I started this blog with similar intentions of ideological grandeur. Now it seems everybody has a blog. I have been working on a book and thought this might help establish a following to see if anybody liked my style. The blog was an afterthought really. It was suggested to me as I seeked out advice from friends, whom their opinion I value, about starting a website. If I had had my way, I would have started a full fledged website selling my e-book or hardback book to the masses. You could have paid with your credit card, Pay-Pal, or sent me a check directly. To date, my blog has about a dozen stories, 2 followers and 2 comments after 2 months. Not necessarily the masses I was looking for. But me and the 2 followers are happy. The fact that the two of the followers got married this past weekend…

My wife does not read my blog regularly. She has however proofed some of the articles before I posted them. (This is not one of them) But hear me out.
She rented Julie & Julia the other night from the library. She had started it without me. Not that I did not want to watch it; I just was not interested in watching it. About 30 minutes into the movie she comes and gets me and tells me I have to watch this movie. “There is this part that is absolutely hilarious.” As she clicks the remote to find the scene selection menu, I begin to think why would she want me to see this… Say I ask ”Does the scene have something to do with me?” Although she did not reveal the details of the scene, she did provide me with a clue: “You think, Einstein.”

“Here it is. Here it is.” she was giddy with excitement. Julie is working at a government job that keeps her attitude down. She takes calls from families of the 9/11 tragedy as they try to get financial assistance. To help her relieve stress from this job, she goes home and cooks. Her favorite cook is Julia Childs. So Julie decides to help keep her stress level in check she will cook a receipe from Julie Child's cookbook each night. Julie’s husband suggests she should blog about her nightly cooking from the Julia Childs French cookbook. Well guess who thought this was laugh out loud funny? “She is going to start a blog like you. She is blogging about her cooking!”

I think, wait, Einstein was being mocked. I admit it I saw the humor. But now, the unexpected part, of this story. So, now…I am interested in the movie. Maybe I can get some blog tips. I mean this lady obviously turned her blog into a movie right!

Turns out, Julie’s blog was sort of helpful, to a certain extent. Mine is not helpful at all. She set a goal to cook all 500 plus receipts in 365 days. Goals!?...for a blog? Am I supposed to have goals? She even had a countdown counter on her blog. What would I countdown too? Then another part my wife and I thought was funny was how Julie and her husband get in a fight about the blog. “It is all about you and you’re cooking!” He leaves, walks out. I told my wife “Well if that was a fight...Hollywood would love us." (Just so you fellow bloggers know Julie’s husband comes back like a night or two later)

[Side note Charles would love this movie. It has a foreign feel. Julia Childs and her husband are in Paris for the majority of their time in the movie. Plus Charles loves to cook. "Hey Charles, what's for dinner?"]

Unlike Julie's blog which is all about her, I write about others on my blog even if they do not want to be named. Like my brother, my wife, and my friends. It is more of a “my” thing instead of an “I” thing. I am not saying all this will turn into a movie but maybe just maybe…then who will be laughing? Hopefully all of us! We could call it “Suroware Vu”.


bettyl said...

I like it! It sounds....mysterious!

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

I find this interesting to read. I looked at your other blogs and I remember reading some of them before. Yes, they're a joy to read.

Kipp said...

Charlene - your words are very kind. Thank you.
Please view some of the other posts while you are here.