Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kids say the funniest things...

When asked to bring the bottle of vitamins for me to open:

"Childproof. Well it tells you right on the lid - 'Push down and turn.' (she performs the instructions and hands me the lid) If you can read, it's not childproof."

-RB (7)

A friend of mine relayed this story. They were having a family discussion about where to go to on vacation. Suggestions were given by all in attendance. Disney World, Gatlinburg, the Caribbean. After explaining that although the Caribbean would be nice, you have to have a passport to leave the states. After a moment of silence the silence was broken with a burst of excitement:

"You don't have to have a passport to go to Hawaii!"

-KW (9)

Our company holds a fall golf tournament at a local par 3 course. We allow a parent child flight. I took my daughter one year and played with a friend of mine and his son. On the first green the father is giving his son instructions on how hard to hit the uphill putt, but not too hard "We do not want it go down the hill here or we will be further away than we are now." He was helping him aim for the ball to take the break, "Right in here should work. You see this brown spot?" Just get it to this area. Tell you what, let me just show you what I mean."
The father takes his time and gets all serious over the 25-30 foot putt. He hits the putt with authority. It races past the hole and into the fringe. The fringe is sloped steep enough to send the golf ball back towards the green. The ball starts back toward the green but catches the other slope and trickles down away from the hole towards never-never land. As it slides down the slope...

"Whaa-whaa WHAAAAA."

- GP (8)

The father says, "You think you can do better?" GP steps up to his ball, nearly without hesitation, and snuggles the golf ball within two feet of the hole. Everybody was laughing, well almost everybody.

When asked about what story was told in Sunday School:

Did you learn about Noah or Moses today?

"Uh huh we learned bout Noses."

- PB (3)

Saying her bedtime prayers:

...and God I pray for sweet dreams...and...and...

[Momma offers a whispered suggestion, "Pray for your Aunt K."

...and God I pray momma will be quiet while I pray and I pray for Aunt K and I pray I will sleep good. Amen"

- PB (4)

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