Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friends or enemies Part II


The request that was made for the last post was not for the "strategically placed cupcakes" story but another time we were in the same chicken finger restaurant. Sorry Charles.

Here is the correct request:

We call this chicken finger place "The Foo" (short for Foosackly's). It is close to a local college and gets a lot of college age help. Most of the wait staff is female. Most of the cooks are male. Most all of them where a Foo shirt and shorts or jeans. After you order your food the wait staff hands you a tent shaped piece of plastic with a number on it. They also hand you a cup of ice and point you to the drink station. Then you choose a table and wait for your food. Usually the wait is not long and when the chicken fingers come out they are always hot and fresh.

The girls are usually the ones bringing the food unless they are really busy and then you may get one of the guys walking out in his apron delivering food. Everything is brought out on a plastic disc with your food on top of a sheet of wax paper. As you might imagine for a fast food place there is a napkin dispenser, salt and pepper shakers, and a bottle of ketchup on each table.

This particular visit I believe it was Charles, Lewis, CP and probably Wheels. We had sat down, our food had been delivered and the needling had begun. I was the last one to get the bottle of ketchup. When I went to squirt it, it was spasticly shooting drops of ketchup onto my wax paper. The guys of course are not pay attention as if to say we got ours you are on you own. I tell them thanks for nothing.

Then I look up to see a young college aged girl wearing a Foo blue t-shirt and shorts walking toward our table. So I close the lid to the ketchup lean out of the booth just a bit. Without a word I shake the bottle in the "hey this bottle is empty" motion. I nod my head in a similar "hey whats up I need some help here" motion. I even raised my eyebrows in a "hey do you see me" motion.

This young girl looks right at me, smiles and walks right by our table. Charles, Lewis, CP and Wheels see the whole incident. Astonishingly enough nobody says a word. They just watched the young girl continue to her table and sit with what one could only deduct as her friends also enjoying lunch at The Foo. It was only then that the silence was broken...with laughter.

I, even to this day, find no humor in what happened. I needed ketchup. Apparently my buddies and my wife, whom heard this story for the first time while I explained the mix up on the request, thought it was hilarious.

To this day, my buddies have not let me forget that incident. Usually one of them every other time we go to The Foo, pick up the ketchup, lean out from the booth or table, look past me with their uni-brow raised and shake the bottle as if it is empty.

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