Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post generator

I recently posted a comment on a blog that lead the blogger to create a new post about my comment.  I will admit I have done something similar.  The way it worked for me was, after I left a comment on another blog it sparked a memory of something I had done.  This led to a rockbottom post.  But this was the first time, that I know about, where a comment I left on another blog generated a post on their blog.  So what is all the fuss about?  Well like I said, I think it was a first.  

If you have been a follower of rockbottom for any length of time I would have hoped you have at least visited my other pages/tabs.  Like the "About the Author", or the "RRR" tab, or the "Thought Burst" tab.  You do not have to answer that.  

Although I do not update it often, there are things posted on the Thought Burst page that I would hope generate thought.  Like the video on texting while driving...if you watch the video I guarantee you will think about whether it is a good idea or not to text and drive next time you text and drive.  Yes, I guarantee it.  Some of the thought burst's are admittedly shallow, some are just jokes, but some require digging a bit deeper.  Deep thoughts by Kipp - irony at its best.  :)

Well, a comment I left on this post appeared to generated some deep thought.  Here is the original post: A reflection.  

This is what the comment/question generated: Another question from comments

Have you guys ever had this happen?  
Have you left a comment and it generated a post?  
Are you a post generator? :)


Stephen Hayes said...

Yes, I have had posts that generated others and I tend to think of this in a positive way because it means people are responding to what I'm writing. I don't have any conclusions to share on capital punishment. My thoughts on this subject continue to evolve.

EmptyNester said...

I have had that experience---the one of being a post generator, not sitting in the hot seat. I'm not a believer in the death penalty- it's not like it changes the crime or brings someone back or undoes the harm...unless I'm really angry with the husband. Then it all makes sense. :)