Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have jumped in with both feet with my new camera.  I may have to start a separate photo blog.  

Now that daylight savings time has kicked in Squirt and Kipp Jr. are spending more time out in the yard playing with their friends.  This allows me to spend time outside after work with a camera around my neck waiting to either take their picture or find something around the yard to focus on.

Which led me to walk around to see what was going on in the back yard the other day.  Well I was not disappointed.

Wonder Woman told me it is an Iris...I did not plant it and I aint no botanist, so I will take her word for it.  All I know is this thing was cool.  This picture may not do it justice.  The colors caught my eye.

I wanted to be able get a picture from the top to show just how brilliant this little guy was.  Standing over it with the zoom lens I just could not focus without getting a step ladder.  A step ladder was not provided in my camera package, but a short lens was...  


Stephen Hayes said...

Irises are my favorite flower and I think your pictures do a great job of capturing the essence of these flowers.

Kipp said...

Thanks CC.
I am amazed what I find by intentionally looking around.

SherilinR said...

i looked at this and heard the line from bambi in my head. "purdy. purdy flower."

Clipped Wings said...

Beautiful! Isn't nature grand?