Saturday, March 10, 2012


I grabbed a sandwich this week at a local sub-shop.  Around the walls of the store just about anywhere there was room they had signs.  

Some were informative: If you want to open a franchise call us at 1.800.PAY.US$$.  Others were meant to be funny: No shoes. No shirt. No worries, we deliver.  Others were inspirational: The best way to say you are wrong.  Well, I would tell you what it said, but I did not pay close enough attention.  ;)  

The one I thought was worth repeating, the one that generated the most thought, was this:


It is what you get 
when do you not get what you want.

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Stephen Hayes said...

This reminds me of a statement by Socrates: Marry well and you will be happy, marry poorly and you will become a philosopher. Have a great weekend.