Friday, December 17, 2010

rockbottom Business Meeting

I need to call a end of the year business meeting.

First of all Thank You all for visiting and sharing in on the fun.  I hope you have had as much reading the stories on rockbottom as I have had writing them.

I will keep this meeting brief.  

Newest features 
As you may notice I like to change things around on the site.  Sometimes colors, sometimes fonts, sometimes placements of gadgets.  The latest gadget is the new 'subscribe via email' button.  If you would like to be notified via email when the latest post is posted, load your email and you should be all set.  When the latest story is posted, and if I have read the gadget instructions correctly, you will be notified by email.  If you do not want to be bothered with email, then just continue to visit on a random basis.

Second order of business is to answer the most frequently asked question: "When are part II of AT and part II of Paintball coming out?"  Well the bottom line to that question is - when the book comes out.  Which would pose another immediate question.  "What book?"  Exactly.  What book.  All I can say is one of the items on my bucket list is to write a book.  I have a few long winded stories that my public relations officer, M.Y. Self, thinks would fit nicely under a hardback cover or in one of those Kindle/Nookie ereaders.  The long winded stories would be nice for a long plane ride, long road trip, or during the TV re-run season.  "kippsversion" aka "rockbottom" is allowing me to practice how to tell a story.  I am using what I learn to edit those long stories.  "When will the book be ready?"  Well slow down a minute.  Step one is to get them all written down, edited and formatted.  "How long..."  No more questions.

Closing remarks
As the first year on "kippsversion" aka "rockbottom" comes to a close and new year is about to begin, I want to again say Thank You for visiting, reading, laughing, criticizing, and following.  Meeting adjourned.

Merry Christmas!  


Pearl said...

Well! You're welcome, and thank YOU.



SherilinR said...

you are a goof ball.
btw, anyone been chatting you up in the bathroom lately?

Kipp said...

Pearl: thanks, come back soon!

Sherilin: Thanks you are making me blush..."goof ball" is one of my more illustrious titles.
No mensroom chat - but apparently the ladies at work that have read the 'close call' post were amazed that men do not chat while taking care of business.