Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perception vs Big Picture

Not sure what triggered these thoughts.  But here are some thoughts on perception vs the bigger picture. (Random order)

Perception is passwords protect our valued information.
Big Picture is the geek down the street can hack into your computer.

Perception is the game of golf is easy.
Big Picture is only 125 golfers in America play on the PGA tour.

Perception is everybody cares about you.
Big Picture is your mom is the only ones that cares and maybe your dad.

Perception is people are good.
Big Picture is everybody lies.

Perception is God does not exist.
Big Picture is you will find out one day.
Perception is if its on the internet it must be true.
Big Picture is have you ever received a financial windfall after forwarding the email to 8 of your closest friends?

Perception is a 30% sale is saving you money.
Big Picture is if you do not spend it, you save even more.

Perception is reality shows are real.
Big Picture is they are all rigged with pre-planned outcomes.

Perception is that BP cleaned up the crude oil mess in the Gulf of Mexico.
Big Picture is if they only cleaned up a million gallons of the tens of millions gallons spilled, where is the rest of it?


Westsox said...

So much for my perceptions. At least mom still loves me.

Buckskins Rule said...

Can't say I disagree with any of the above, except the perceptions about golf. I gave it up years ago, cuz I know it isn't easy.

Kipp said...

BR: Golf is a lot like our counter parts...
Golf cost a lot of money and at the end the day you just end up frustrated.

Westsox: Moms are the best.