Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Somethings just have to wait

Over the last week or so I have been researching other blogs...
(isn't it amazing that the time one sets aside for oneself to work on ones hobby it quickly attracts those that are supposed to be in the bed asleep?)

Slipping into the living room quietly and whispering my four year old says, 
"Hey dad what are you doing?"  
Writing down some thoughts honey, why aren't you in bed?  
"I wanted to tell you what I wanted for my birthday."
Is it any different than what you told me at lunch? 
"I want an American doll, a Kiya doll.  No wait a ZuZu pet.  No wait a Veggie Tale Castle."  
OK honey we will see.  You need to go back and get in bed.
"Let me see what else..."
What else what?
"What else I want for my birthday." 
It's after 9:00 honey you need to go to bed.  Are you not tired sweetie?
"Yeah my legs are tired.  But my eyes are not tired.  My ears are not tired.  My arms are not tired.  My nose is not tired.  My mouth is not tired.  My hands are not tired."

...suddenly I found myself typing a conversation and thinking about what a four year old wants for her birthday.  The wonderful blog research findings I was going to tell you about will just to have to wait.

1 comment:

Buckskins Rule said...

The blog will always be there. That moment with your four year old daughter will only come once.

You made the right choice.