Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not on my watch

My girls rented "Nanny McPhee" from the library last week.  Since most of you, most likely none of you have seen it, let me summarize. In what must be jolly old England where they over pronounce their vowels, a widower is left with six or seven children to raise.  His children are little devils.  They have just run off the seventeenth nanny in how ever long it has been since their mother passed.  The father is under the financial support of his late wife's aunt.  This aunt has given him an ultimatum to get re-married by the end of the month or his financial support will be cut off.  Being in the bind he is in...he calls on the last available single socialite.

She shows up on the scene for a quick introduction looking like Ronald McDonald's sister.  However she does not share Ronald love for children.  The kids of course pick up on this and decide to take matters into their own hands to make sure he does not wed.  

She returns later for a more extensive visit.  I believe the English call it "tea".  The kids pull out some old Home Alone type shenanigans.  The finger sandwiches had earthworms in them, the tea pot was tipped and poured out frog eggs, as the father lifted the lid the frog jumped out.  They nearly impale her derriere with an arrow as she is about to sit down.  They attempt to sling shot a bowl of oatmeal at her, etc., etc.  Each time the father diverts the disaster by throwing himself at this woman, literally.  I am giving too much probably just need to watch the movie.

My daughters are giggling with delight as they watch these antics.  Each new assault seems to bring more giggles.  When the scene finally concludes, my youngest (who is currently four years old) looks at me sideways, pointing her finger at me and says, "Dad if you try to get a new mommy.  I will do tricks." 

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