Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reality TV

I am one of the few people I know that no longer watches a lot of TV.  All the good shows are gone.  Shows like Perry Mason, Magnum, P.I., Scooby Doo, Simon and Simon, The Rifleman and The Avengers.  Who dunnit's are my favorite.  

NCIS would be something I would probably watch now, but I cannot watch it in front my kids (the autopsy's, shootings, etc.).  I am not a fan of reality shows at all.  OK maybe the Big Break on the Golf Channel.  But even it was scripted drama.  As soon something interesting happened they either went to commercial or ended that weeks show.  Annoying.

I recently had an hour to watch some TV.  I thought I would try my hand at puzzle solving via Wheel of Fortune.  The show starts with a quick puzzle.  After this puzzle is won Pat Sajak, the host, meets the contestants.   The first contestant was a 20 something year old photographer.  She was attractive and quite civil.  The next contestant was a 30 something male.  Let's say he was metro-sexual.  He seemed to be excited to be on the show with Mr. Sajak.  The last contestant was a chubby 20 something school teacher.  She claimed to be from La Jolla.  I could not help but think, "I know who is going to win this show."

The hottie spins the wheel, lands on a $ amount and picks a letter.   Her second spins lands on a $ amount but she fails to select a correct letter.  Ruppert spins and hits BANKRUPT.  Pudge spins and hits BANKRUPT.  It was like the wheel had a brake.  Hottie spins and racks up the Wild card, an exotic trip and finally solves the puzzle. 

When they come back from commercial Ruppert wins a speed puzzle.  Ruppert then spins and hits BANKRUPT.  Pudge spins and hits BANKRUPT.  Hottie spins several times and solves another puzzle.  Next round Ruppert hits BANKRUPT.  Pudge is allowed to pick a few letters.  She gets a few letters and tries to solve the puzzle.  She gets over zealous and leaves out a word.  Sorry chubs.  Hottie picks up the trash and wins a trip to Cabo.  It was like watching a high school play directed by the stuck up crowd. 

The last puzzle was in the hands of Pudge.  As she spins and lands on $100 (the lowest amount on the wheel) she chooses a letter, looks at the puzzle and as dry as she can says "I would like to solve the puzzle."  I say "O no they didn't."  The puzzle reads "A Hearty Appetite".

Ruppert and Pudge leave the show with the minimum dollar amount, $1000.  Hottie of course ends with the largest dollar amount which means she goes to the bonus round.  After the letters are chosen for the bonus puzzle, my 7 year old daughter could have solved the puzzle.  She wins $35,000 more.  Her final take on the show was over $52,000.    

Game shows...original reality TV.


A few days later, still shaking my head over the Wheel, I read about an episode of Southpark on Yahoo.  I have never watched an epsiode of Southpark.  From what I understand, it takes pride in making fun of religion, politics, the mentally challenged; nobody is off limits.  Or at least until this week.  

Usually the worst you hear Southpark takes from their latest controversial show is a tongue lashing from the offended group.  This week it was different.  They were threatened by the group before the show aired.  So serious was the threat, for the first time in their controversial history their show was censored.   

...TV meets oncoming reality?  

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