Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cusp of history

rockbottom dwellers we are on the cusp of blog history...hold on for this.

We are currently at 49 followers.  49 wonderful followers have made a bold decision to push the "Join this site" button.  Think about it.  It is not an easy decision.  The thought process you all went into before clicking the button.  "What if this blog advertises or writes something that I totally disagree with?"  "What if my friends find out I am following this blog?"  "What if he does not join my site?"  Those are some seriously tough questions.

Clicking the "Join this site" button is more than just clicking the button.  It is deciding to commit to reading the blog everytime a new post arrives at least once in a while.  And like I said once you click "Join this site" your profile button is displayed on the blog publicly for all to see.  It's personal.  And it does not stop there it goes a step or two further.  

As a follower, every time a new post appears it shows up on your blogger dashboard.  If you have a gmail account, each post shows up on your google reader!  Following is a BIG decision.  It is almost like getting a tatoo - you thought it was a good idea at the time.  It was cool, you thought: Hey I like this.  And unfollowing a blog can be just as stressful.  Remember the first time somebody saw your tatoo and laughed and laughed?  You had second thoughts right?  But the process to get untatooed is difficult.  Getting rid of it is way more stressful.  Unfollowing someone's blog is about the same.  It is nearly as impossible.  You just can't bring yourself to do it.  Much like that old ridiculous tulip tatoo; you just can't erase that memory from your life.  So for all of you that decided to click that button and join rockbottom - thank you.  For all of you that have thought about unfollowing and have not yet clicked unfollow - thank you.

And contrary to where you might think this is going I am not all about numbers or having a follower drop off the rockbottom dweller list.  Haven't we all been to the blog of note blogs where the recipient describes how suddenly they have hundreds of followers they cannot possibly respond to individually.  Who wants that?  I mean - right?  Although obviously I have had no such recognition; I think I concur with them.  Who wants all that worry?

I would rather the people that have joined rockbottom be interested in what I have to say.  I really do want the stories I tell to put a smile your face.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  I want each post, or as many posts as possible, to be quality work...OK seriously, how cool would it be for rockbottom to have 50 followers?  We made it to 49 we can make it to 50 right?  

It is not like we are offering them a new member deal like the cable company does.  If you sign up now as a new cable member we will give you every channel, and an extra DVR for every room for your first year.  And just because we like you, we are going to throw in a 7 foot LED HC TV for free.  You do realize, you the existing customers, foot the bill for these new customers?  You that paid full price for the basic installation, were over charged for the basic service and charged for each extra DVR, on top of having to buy your own plasma HD TV that heats up your living room so much you had to install a ceiling fan?  It is just so wrong.  I promise that will not happen to you here at rockbottom.  The newest member, the 50th follower, will not be treated to one extra perk you first 49 followers have not received here at rockbottom.  Promise.

One more and we hit 50!  One more.  Didn't your grandmother just get a iphone4 last week?   Sign her up.  Again it is not about numbers.  Just one number.  50.  See the difference? :)  

rockbottom history is near.  Stay close y'all, we are on the cusp...


Clipped Wings said...

You are so unabashedly funny!!! Here's to your #50. May they come along sooner rather than later :)

EmptyNester said...

I would re-follow if that was an option! I've never once regretted following here nor have I looked back!

Donna Perugini said...

Yes, those Blogs of Note followers can be frivolous. Someone I know called them 'fake followers'. Imagine that! And it's true that hundreds of them fell off my blog's radar when I moved from Blogger to WordPress.

Once you hit 50, you'll be looking for 100. Yes, you'll be hopelessly addicted to the numbers! Just remember, numbers are not a true indicator of 'the love'. It's those awesome commentors that comment regularly, and that's where 'the love' is!

Kipp said...

EmptyNester, Clipped and Donna - you girls are my top 3 commentators, I can feel the love. :)

We reached 50! I am not sure who signed up twice - but thank you!

*^_^* said...

We all are always here to support you. ;D