Monday, April 4, 2011

...I am back

Have they created a pill to prevent the foot in mouth disease?

The writers workshop was just as it was billed.  The morning session proved to be chock full of information on how to be published.  The process was geared to help writers know what editors and publishers look for but most importantly what will cause an automatic rejection.  Very very informative.  

The second session, about getting a professional editor to read your manuscript out loud in front of the whole class while providing only what was wrong with your work, provided a room chocked full of nerves.  Very very unsettling.

From the two sessions I was able to compile several pages of valuable notes.   These notes, if I will use them, will make me a better writer.  The workshop was well attended.  It was well organized.  The Mobile Writers Guild and our local library helped make it very comfortable.  

I met some very nice people.  There were some very talented writers in the room.  This was evident as the manuscripts were read aloud.  Plus Mr. Garrett said it was one of the more talented group of writers he had visited.  Even with our nerves on edge with our manuscripts about to be reviewed by a professional editor, the seasoned writers in the room made me feel welcome.  I felt anyone of them would be willing to assist me in my journey to be a better writer.

Remember how in Here I go... I created a few scenarios about how the workshop may play out for me?   (If you have not, the rest of this may not make sense)  What happened next was actually in a portion of that post...

If you are thinking I accurately predicted being asked to step out in the hall scenario, well that would have been less embarrassing.  Remember the part about Ms. Marple and her vampire novel.  Yeah she was there.  Matter of fact she sat right beside me.  Really?  Reeeelly?!  Yes.  Follow me on this.

During the first session and up to the beginning of the second session when the manuscripts were collected, we were guarding our manuscripts as if they were top secret.  So nobody knew the content of anybody's work.  My table neighbor and I had not spoken during the first session.  We introduced ourselves right before the second session started.  She asked me the genre of my manuscript.  "Non-fiction, oh OK" she replied.  I asked her about her genre.  "Horror, interesting" I said.  Some more small talk led her providing me with a writers forum she frequently visits online.  I provided her with my blog address.  With the second session about to begin our question and answer session ended.
Everyone's nerves became heightened as the anticipation to respond with just a few words when Mr. Garret asked us to identify the genre of our work before he read it aloud.

My table neighbors' manuscript was one of the first to be read.  As her work was being read, it made Silence of the Lambs sound like Mary Had a Little Lamb.  It was scary, grotesque, bizarre, how do people think of this stuff, mess with your mind, freaky "stuff".  Some of you may think those descriptive words as being negative comments, but au contraire; to a writer of horror Ms. Marple accepted them as compliments.  

With that being said.  Ms. Marple if you are reading this post, because you requested and I obliged providing you with my blog address before I knew you were submitting a vampire novel manuscript.  And if you have already read the "Here I go..." post because it has been sitting out there for a few days now.  Or if this post is the first one you happen upon and have gone back to read previous said post.  I just want to say I am sure the vampire horse does still have life and always will.  I hope you understand I was just picking on the ever so popular Twilight series because of its huge success. 

So just sayin', if anybody hears of a needed test group for the foot in mouth pill, I am available.


EmptyNester said...

There's a pill for that? Sign me up! I still admire you for attending that workshop and having your work read out loud in front of people. I would rather die. LOL

Debbie said...

Hmm, notice that you forgot to add Garrett’s comments on your pages.

My table partner w/his cute little boyish charm says, “I just started writing, not very good.” I thought, ugh, this is gonna be a long three hours.
Toward the end of the session, Garrett whips out an excerpt w/a smooth prose and great setting.
Then, I looked to my left and pondered smacking my table buddy upside the head for misleading me w/his earlier remarks. I’ll leave that for a friend of yours, preferably someone w/ zippity-zang swatting skills. Your pages were creative.

Many thanks for your gracious and unexpected comments. Grotesque and freaky warms the heart.
Yes, vamps are overcooked, little rubbery to chew on, though the marrow’s not bad if you can get them blood suckers to stop screaming 20-25minutes into their rolling boil bath.
Seeing how my mc is a tenacious demon, she’s asked that I handle this case of mistaken identity by crafting a character in your name. I fear she’ll let you live, too soon to tell.

Looking forward to reading more of your writing.
Here is a good place to start if you’d like. Don’t forget to introduce yourself on this thread.

It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for hooking me up w/your fantabulous blog.

RottenAnn said...

Debbie (aka Ms. Marple),

Please rest assured that I will undertake the swatting up side the head of Mr. Kipp(I posses the "zippity-zang swatting skills" that you wrote of.)

For those of us that have been around Kipp for many, many, many years, we know his potential. However, we try not to tell him often as it makes his large head even larger, but it was nice for someone new to point it out to him.

Let me go "swat" him now...

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic post Kipp! Sounds like the conference was a rousing success. What a great friend Debbie is! Loved her comment back to you.

Keep going, young man! You're doing great.

Kipp said...

EmptyNester - they say more people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy at a funeral. "They" never had this experience.

Debbie - =) really glad you stopped by. Loved your comments!!
As you can see, RottenAnn has already inflicted the deserved slap to the back of my head. I must say she did so with much delight and enthusiasm.

RottenAnn - thanks sis. Guess who used the phrase "finger on the pulse" during the workshop? That's right, Mr. Garrett. I almost spit my soda out.

PAMO - Thank you!
It will not be long before Debbie's work will be on the bookshelves.

Donna Perugini said...

This group is a riot! In spite of all the 'head slaps' you all seem close and supportive.

Kipp said...

Donna - a few things that are important in life...laughing at yourself and surrounding yourself with people to keep you humble.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up as well! I need cartons of that pill, really!

I remember on my writing course, having to read out in front of an agent. I nearly pooed my pants. All the comedic bits just sounded really lame - it was agonising! :-)

Am signing up from Hilary's Feeling Beachy!

Have a great day!

Kipp said...

princecharming - thanks for visiting!
Read your answers from the fill in...hysterical! Come back soon.